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About Us

Since inception in 1998, Shiva Designs has a track record of offering design solutions within the print and digital space. We specialize in design, e-marketing and web design and development.

Shiva Designs is not just a name, it's our creative philosophy. Our name draws inspiration from the five acts of Shiva and its synergy with our service offering namely:

Create - giving life to original design and identity
Maintain - championing brands and managing websites
Reabsorb - erasing the old and faded to rekindle a fresh, new look
Nurture - Nurturing good ideas to fruition
Reveal - exposing our clients to innovative design solutions and electronic marketing

We provide the most appropriate solution, which translates into commercial strategy and differentiation. This is done by accessing a multitude of resources originating from within the company, and through numerous third party associations.

The Shiva Designs Team constitutes a team of professionals that includes designers, programmers and managers; who strives to deliver the best product and solution!

"Unleashing creative energy"