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This example is extracted from the personal portfolio of our creative director and lead designer.

BMW Financial Services (Automotive)

The simplicity and clarity of what BMW represents belies the complexity of the BMW world.
The project involved conceptualisation of styles for the BMW Financial Services brochure as well as the Alphera brochure in line with the new BMW Corporate Identity guidelines.


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The brand's success is the result of a consistent strategy created and implemented that is oriented towards meeting the needs of customers and an informed public. The resulting brand personality has helped redefine the company's positioning from a manufacturer of cars to a provider of individual mobility with which customers identify.


From strategy, to research, to design, to a comprehensive global implementation, there are four unwavering values that define the BMW brand, and which have been central to its success: dynamism, aesthetics, exclusivity and innovation. These values are consistently communicated across four inter-related contexts: corporate communications, corporate design, corporate structure and corporate behavior. In all contexts, the image platform is applied to the entire spectrum of dealer / customer materials and collateral.



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