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Examples are extracted from the personal portfolio of our creative director and lead designer.


Packaging creates a corporate image, which gives a brand an instant heritage and positions it as a quality product. State-of-the-art packaging differentiates a product from its competitors and creates immense on-shelf impact. Brand identity, colour, readability of type, shelf impact, shape, consistence across the range and photography are the most important elements.


Projects include:
Martin & Martin (Lopis pet food), Lever Ponds (Sunsilk packs), Breco (cigarette pack concepts), Samancor Chrome (product packaging), Roche (Supradyn packs) etc.

Lopis pet food (Food packaging)

The product architecture/range included Lopis and Bob Martin products. The project involved to refresh the existing Lopis identity and create a brand architecture that would accommodate the wide range of products and be impactful on shelf. It was then rolled out onto 113 packs across the different product categories.

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Sunsilk (Health and Beauty)

Description of the project will come soon.

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