Portfolio - Categories

Shiva Designs has been commissioned for a diversity of projects. We aim to drive highly effective and measurable returns for our clients. Shiva Designs serves customers in a broad cross-section of industries.

Clients (to list a few)

  •  First National Bank
  •  ES Design Partners
  •  Spirit Capital
     Rand Merchant Bank
     Gallo Images
  •  A2M
  •  French Embassy (in South Africa)
  •  iSoft Technologies
     Boogertman + Partners

Examples below are extracts from our creative portfolio.

Brand platform / architecture

A brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed. Brand positioning is the specific niche in which the brand defines itself in the competitive environment. It addresses brand attributes, user benefits and target segments. Brand Architecture consists of: Brandworld, brand identity, brand application to products and licensed goods, brand extension to sales and marketing collateral.

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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity seeks the essence of a company, expresses it in a visual style and gives recognition to its qualities. It is the gestalt of the organization, including its philosophy and culture as well as its physical characteristics: logotype, logo, symbol / icon, personality, style, name, colour and strapline.

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Corporate Identity guidelines

In essence it is the design of standards control, manuals and application systems. A Corporate Identity system sets is place controls for application in all possible areas: basic elements, Corporate Identity permutations, stationery, vehicle livery, clothing, promotional, literature, signage, electronic media and reproduction.

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Stationery is one of the areas touched by branding and the application of the Corporate Identity. Consistent application throughout stationery and other media will enhance consumer awareness, brand loyalty and ultimately the brand equity of a corporate brand / company.

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Advertising is the brand extension to sales and marketing collateral. This include advertisements, posters, brochures, shopping bags, banners, billboards, leaflets, flyers and permission-based email. Marketing strategies generate consistent, measurable results.

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Leisure and Hospitality

Rapid growth in the leisure and hospitality industry is placing great demands to differentiate the destination and to create a holistic leisure experience. The consumer wants quality service and seamless entertainment. The leisure and hospitality industry encompasses holiday destinations, hotels, casinos, resorts and theme parks.

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Packaging creates a corporate image, which gives a brand an instant heritage and positions it as a quality product. State-of-the-art packaging differentiates a product from its competitors and creates immense on-shelf impact. Brand identity, colour, readability of type, shelf impact, shape, consistence across the range and photography are the most important elements.

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Retail Environment

The retail environment offers a four dimensional space to present the brand through height, width, depth and time. It gives the opportunity to relate to the full range of the sensory perceptions of the consumer. The client's personality and organisational values are essential and should be operationally flexible within a relevant and clearly defined style.

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